5 Chic Roof Designs for Any Home

When looking at building a home, the main feature that is overlooked is the roof. Most people don’t worry about the design and just go with the most simple and easiest option, but the roof can make or break the feel of the home. The look of the exterior of the home can also make or break the cost and beauty of the home. To decrease the stress on this process of choosing a design, most contractors present the homeowner with options that are most structurally stable and help the homeowners put their mind to ease and not worry about another decision for their home. But any and every homeowner should want to choose and find a design for their roof that they will love.


Here are 5 chic roof designs for any home.


Skillion and Lean-To


The skillion and lean-to design for roofs creates a dramatic and chic look that creates a wonderful addition to any modern home. The roof has multiple, major sloped and angled roofs with the addition to no defined ridgeline along the top of the home. This roofing creates a beautifully modern and bold look that brings together the modern exteriors of the home. This roof also can help create beautiful and tall windows that help create an even bigger space inside the home as well as light areas of the home that receive no light. Overall, this is a spectacular choice for the roof of any home.




Hip shaped roofs are where the roof is downward sloped on each side of the home, creating a pyramidal shape. This roof also has no major additions like gables or other slopes to help keep the uniform look as well as the modern and chic look of the exterior of the home.




A butterfly shaped roof is quite a unique shape on the roof of a home. It got its name from the way that the shape of the roof resembles the shape of butterfly wings, or the “v” shape. Another great way to understand the shape of this roof is to think of a classic, cliche shape of a roof and invert the design. It is a very captivating and incredible design that can bring any modern home together.


Dutch Gable


This style of roofing is quite similar to the regular, open gable design, which is described as a  silhouette where there are only a few panels involved to create a triangular shape. It creates a slope on both sides of the home at similar angles that create this triangular shape. The main difference between the open gable and the dutch gable is that there is a petite gable on top of a hipped roof to create a more pastoral feel.




The jerkinhead design is a very interesting take on the design of a roof. This roof has a more flat top and then slopes at the end, mimicking the shape of a hip roof. It can be quite difficult to describe, so it is best to look up a picture of this design.



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