5 Fences That Aren’t Your Traditional Fence

Your privacy to your yard and home is one of the most important things to any household. A regular fence does get the job done in creating that privacy, but sometimes one may wonder, “Could I have a more fashionable, creative fence than that normal, plain picket or chain fence?” Most people wouldn’t bother too much with trying to create a new and crazy fence, but there are numerous options that will allow the homeowner to create a new fence that is unique to their style and household.



Here are 5 fences that aren’t your traditional fence.



Wooden Framework Alongside Greenery


This type of fencing is chic since it brings together woodwork and greenery to have a mixture of both worlds in your yard. This is nowhere near your traditional fence because it’s allowing for the growth of green to come out of the plainness of wood. It has a great cohesion between the worlds of woodwork and plants.



Mesh Panels


The beauty of mesh panels in fencing is where you can integrate other kinds of fencing with a mesh material. This mesh material both gives privacy as well as light into the yard to allow for optimal light exposure for any plants in your yard. It is also primarily used on a property line if it is much higher up than the bottom of the yard, but is still usable throughout any type of space.



Extra Tall Fencing


A great form of fencing for ultimate privacy is extra tall fencing. Although there are some rules on how tall fencing is allowed to be, with special permissions from a HOA or your local city government, you are allowed to build any fence to a specified height as well as in any material wanted. This type of fencing can be built out of any material as well as a mixture of materials if it is wanted.



Perspex Panels


What is fun about perspex panels is that there is no specific way to create this fencing. This type  of fencing is primarily used to separate parts of the yard or garden instead of property lines or fences that neighbors would be sharing. It is typically paired with a wooden fence since the wood and the perspex complement one another quite well. Another big factor in incorporating perspex panels into your garden is that it can also be colored to create a colored look to the yard. When the sun shines through the colored panels, it blasts the color throughout the yard, creating another factor of individuality to your yard.



Sheets of Stainless Steel


Another fun way to create a fence that isn’t like your traditional fence is by using stainless steel sheets that have cutouts in them. The cutouts allow for individuality to your fencing and property and the metal shows that you are not like everyone else in that neighborhood. It is quite a fun type of fencing that is nothing like the others.




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