5 Modern Fence Designs

When looking at fencing ideas for the yard, homeowners sometimes like to look for a fence that can be a statement for the house. Usually a homeowner wants a fence that both has functionality as well as a pleasant design for the onlooker to see.

Here are 5 different modern designs for yard fencing.

  1. Geometric Concrete

For modern fences, the best look would be a mixture of concrete and slates. It helps create that modern feel that is brought up by concrete. The slates can be created using any material ranging from wood to vinyl to metal. Most concrete is smooth and easily moldable to help create those geometrical shapes of squares or rectangles to help create this look.

  1. Repurposed Pallet

Another more modern look is using repurposed pallets. When first thinking about this type of fencing, it may look cheap and messy in the yard, but when properly put together and attached, it creates a chic look. Pallet fencing is also a great option for multiple reasons. First of all, it is taking advantage of recycling. It is easy to pick up these used pallets from multiple sites: construction area, plant nurseries, and so much more. Secondly, although the pallets will have designs and markings already on them from shipping and previous usage, they are easy to decorate. Paint is one of the easiest and most useful forms of decoration with these pallets. Third of all, the wood used for these pallets has already been treated making it easy to use for fencing. And the final, best part of doing pallet fences, it is absolutely free!

  1. Horizontal Planks

Modern looks these days tend to include either concrete, metal, or wood. This option can be made of wood or metal, but looks best with wood. This fencing is just creating a fence with horizontal planks connected by posts. To help build on that modern feel, the planks should range in size. Having the differing size as well as the contrast in colors in wood help create a very chic look.

  1. Wood and Metal

A great look to create with fencing to have the mix of modern and chic is using the combination of wood and metal in fencing. This mis creates a very contrasting as well as adhesive look. Typically, to make a more luxurious look, one would mix a corrugated metal and a darker wood. This creates a strong contrast that anyone would love.

  1. Vinyl

The most simple as well as slightly modern look for a fence are vinyl fences. This type of fencing can range in design from the cliche picket fence to the more modern barred fence. Vinyl also comes in an array of colors and designs to allow for the most control over the design for the homeowners. They are also extremely easy to set up and build and most of these fences are able to be DIY.  If you’re ever in need of professional Riverside fencing needs.

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