Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist

Air conditioning maintenance is vital to keep your AC working, especially during the hot summer months. There are several steps you can take to maintain your air conditioner. The first step is to understand how your AC unit works and the different components that help your unit cool your home.


Let’s take a closer look at the steps you need to take to maintain your AC unit.


Easy Tips to Maintain Your AC Unit


This air conditioning inspection list can help keep your unit working all year effectively:


1.   Inspect Your Air Filter


The air filter of your unit should be inspected regularly for any damage or clogs. If the air filter is damaged or clogged, it will prevent your AC from effectively cooling your property. Clogs can be easily removed by washing away the dirt with water. If the filter is damaged, it should be replaced right away. Air filters should be replaced once every two months, depending on how often you use your unit.


2.   Inspect Condenser Coils


Inspecting your condenser coils is a critical step in maintaining your AC unit. Condenser coils play a vital role in the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. As dirt and debris build-up on the lid of the coil, they can prevent your unit from working. Remove buildup by spraying water onto the coils. If you can’t easily remove the dirt, contact your local HVAC professional to avoid damage.


3.   Inspect Drain Line and Drain Pan


A clogged drain line can damage your air conditioning unit. You should inspect the drain line and drain pan of the air conditioner regularly and clean it thoroughly as needed. Unclogging drain lines will keep your unit working efficiently and prevent costly damage.


4.   Inspect Condenser Fans


Condenser fans spread air throughout your home, so it is essential to keep them clean to keep your air clean. Inspect the fans for any dirt, remove dirt with a blower, so you have peace of mind that healthy, bacteria-free air is circulating through your home.


5.   Inspect AC Wiring


Proper wiring of your AC is vital to keep your unit working. Improper wiring can lead to costly damage that requires significant repairs, even entire unit replacement. Check for any faulty wires, exposed wires, or loose connections. Contact your local AC company immediately to fix them and keep your appliance safe.


6.   Inspect Your Thermostat


Your thermostat controls your AC unit. If it is not doing its job right, your AC can stop working entirely. If you notice problems like temperature fluctuations, coolant leaks, or high utility bill readings, then you need to get your thermostat fixed or replaced quickly.


7.   Inspect Air Registers


Air registers are an essential part of the HVAC system. You need to clean your air registers of dirt or dust so that they can direct the flow of air through your home effectively. Air registers can be easily unassembled and washed with water.


8.   Inspect Refrigerant Lines


Inspect the refrigerant lines and make sure that there is no ice gathered near the line. Ice near the refrigerant line is an indication of a frozen coil. You should contact your local AC company to fix this type of problem.


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