Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is known by many to have a lot of wonderful benefits, besides also being a delicious drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. This tasty tea can be served in a variety of refreshing ways, and the benefits it can bring are plentiful. If you’re curious to try green tea for yourself, here are some of the most well-known benefits of this tea. You may just find yourself going to your local coffee shop for a freshly brewed cup after reading! Research suggests that green tea:


1.   Can Improve Brain Function

Green tea contains the key ingredient of caffeine, which is known to be a stimulant. Research has proven that caffeine helps with mood, brain function, vigilance, reaction time, and even memory. The caffeine amount in green tea can stimulate your brain, without causing the jitters. Drinking green tea can help balance your thoughts and even enhance your mood, sign us up!


2.   Can Help with Skin Health and Cancer Prevention

Green tea is chock-full of powerful antioxidants, which can help better skin health and also aid in the prevention of many types of cancers. Green tea also contains an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps boost skin circulation greatly. Not only will green tea help with preventative measures of many cancers, but you may find your skin getting better with every cup.


3.   Can Promote Heart Health

An analysis completed in 2016 helped find that consuming green tea can help with reducing the risks of developing cardiovascular disease. Because green tea also contains polyphenols, the tea can also aid in lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and decreasing inflammation. It’s safe to say green tea has a lot of health benefits that make enjoying it so reassuring.


4.   Can Maintain Oral Health

Maintaining oral health and those pearly whites is something many people care about. A daily cup of green tea may help alongside regular tooth-brushing and other oral maintenance routines when it comes to keeping your mouth clean. Because green tea contains oral bacteria-fighting catechins, you’re also doing your oral health a huge favor when you start to sip on a tasty cup of green tea.


5.   Can Aid Fat-Burning

Green tea is known to have properties that boost the metabolism and help in the aid of fat burning. Just swapping out a tasty cup of green tea for a soda can add a major  healthy boost to your day without all the added sugar! If you are looking into losing a few pounds, green tea can be an excellent companion to meals instead of soda or juice.


Green tea has many benefits for you, not to mention it’s so delicious to drink. At Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub, we love sipping on green tea and offer it in tasty drink options for customers. Get all those health benefits and more with one of our green tea drinks! For your local coffee shop in San Diego, swing by Intazza! We keep green tea on stock at all times, so give us a visit.

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