Best Tips to Clean your Fridge

When your fridge needs a good cleaning, you’ll notice right away in the appearance of its interior, exterior, and everywhere in between. Though many of us don’t think about cleaning our fridge, this sturdy appliance will need a thorough cleaning every once in a while, just like any other appliance in the house does. It’s important to keep the fridge clean as there may be various spills all over from food containers and collective unpleasant odors from forgotten spoiled foods as well. Cleaning the fridge out shouldn’t be an all-day event, and the clean results afterward will last you for quite a bit until the next cleaning session is needed. Here are some of the best tips on properly cleaning your fridge:


  • Empty the fridge: There’s no way to effectively clean your fridge when trying to circle around all those old food containers and cartons. Be sure to remove all foods out of your fridge so you can thoroughly wipe down the surfaces of your fridge.
  • Take out removable compartments: If your fridge has removable compartments, taking these out can allow you to clean them more efficiently. Removable compartments in a fridge can also allow you to close the fridge while you wipe down those removable parts, so you don’t find yourself wasting energy by leaving the fridge door open.
  • Use multi-purpose cleaners or your own: When it comes to cleaning the interior of your fridge, you can use a lot of handy multi-purpose cleaners to get the job done, as well as items like white vinegar or baking soda that can help eliminate odors.
  • Make sure all containers going back in are clean: That ketchup bottle with a big splotch on the cap can create another mess in your fridge. Wipe down any containers that may have grease or other residue to prevent your now clean fridge from getting dirty again quickly.
  • Make sure the exterior is clean: Cleaning the exterior of a fridge can be on the backburner of your mind when it comes to the other parts that need the most attention. Luckily, a quick wipe through can help remove splotches or fingerprints on the doors or handles of the fridge. Don’t forget to wipe the top of the fridge as well, as this is where a lot of dust can collect.
  • Create a pleasant aroma in your fridge: Soak cotton balls in vanilla extract or another delicious scented extract and leave in your clean fridge for a few hours. This leaves behind a pleasant aroma in your fridge, and it’s completely natural.


Cleaning your fridge can be a task that freshens up your entire kitchen. The tips mentioned above should help you achieve a thorough cleaning of your fridge. Even a clean fridge may need a repair or two, so if you need appliance repair in Perris, Kwik Appliance Repair has your back. Now, you can enjoy a clean and refreshed fridge to store all your favorite foods and snacks, with no need for repairs either!

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