Common Reasons for Divorce

While it’s the goal of all married couples to build a long-lasting relationship, divorce can happen. In today’s fast-paced society, it seems like divorce is even more common than it was years ago. As time goes on, many people grow apart. While divorce is a challenging situation for all parties involved, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


In this article, we’ll discuss the most common reasons for divorce. So let’s dive right in.


5 Common Reasons for Divorce


The following are some common reasons for divorce:


1.   Conflicts


Even the most compatible couples argue from time to time. Differences of opinion occur in the strongest marriages. Unfortunately, in some cases, conflicts simply can’t be resolved. When conflicts are too big or significant to be resolved, divorce may be inevitable.


Constant conflicts are not suitable for anyone, but they become an even bigger problem when children are involved. As minor issues grow, some couples can’t get along no matter how much they try. In this case, divorce may be the best option for all parties involved. Irreconcilable differences are a common reason for divorce.


2.   Lack of commitment


Another common cause of divorce is lack of commitment. Even those with the best of intentions can find themselves growing apart. While some people get too wrapped up in their work, others may find themselves in an extramarital affair. In many cases, these issues are challenging to overcome. Before you commit to marriage, you should discuss your future. Be sure you are fully committed to one another, and your marriage is built on a solid foundation of trust. Otherwise, you might find yourselves headed for divorce.


3.   Poor Communication


Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Poor communication is a common cause of divorces today.  Poor communication can lead to conflict, trust issues,  or other circumstances that make it impossible to live with one another. As lines of communication get worse, many couples find themselves growing farther and farther apart. In this case, there may be no resolving the issue. Divorce typically results.


4.   Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is one of the most severe issues plaguing American families today. While laws regarding domestic violence continue to get stricter, domestic violence is still a significant issue in our society. If domestic violence is an issue in your marriage, it’s vital to find a safe way out before filing for divorce. Talk to your divorce attorney or local law enforcement to discuss your options while prioritizing your safety.


5.   Absence of Romantic Intimacy


Over time, many couples simply lose their romantic connection to one another. However, physical intimacy is an integral part of marriage for most people. If romantic intimacy becomes a problem in marriage, couples may opt for divorce. Before getting a divorce, talk to your spouse about your needs and wishes. Couples therapy can also help resolve these issues.


Divorce happens for a variety of reasons. The bottom line is that divorce is common in today’s society. If you are headed for divorce, you need to protect your future by hiring a reliable attorney to get the best results for your divorce agreement.


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