Dog Socialization 101

Dog socialization refers to the process of preparing or training your dog to interact comfortably with the outside world. For example, meeting other animals and people with a calm and friendly disposition or calmly entering new places.  Socializing your dog is an essential skill contributing to their physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.


Dog socialization is an essential part of your dog’s basic training. While it’s most effectively taught while your dog is a puppy, you can teach older dogs socialization skills as well. Socialization skills don’t just help your dog avoid fearfulness, anxiety, and aggression. Still, it also allows you to live a normal, social life with your animal by your side.


Now that you understand what dog socialization is let’s take a look at the basic skills necessary.


Dog Socialization 101


Here are some steps you can take to help your dog with their socialization skills:


1.   Introduce Them to New Sights


Once your puppy has all their vaccines and is cleared by your veterinarian, you can start easing them into the real world. Start slowly by exposing them to new sights. You can walk them around your yard, your neighborhood, and other surrounding areas to get familiar with new sights and smells. Then, slowly introduce your dog to new people, vehicles, household items, and other things they will come into contact with eventually. As your dog starts to feel more comfortable with these items, they will have an easier time living their everyday life.


2.   Introduce Them to New Sounds


Dogs have very sensitive senses. Therefore, loud or unusual sounds can affect them easier than they do humans. Expose your dog to a variety of sounds while they are young. If a specific sound makes your dog particularly anxious, you can talk to your dog trainer or veterinarian for tips on how to help them get used to the sound. Expose your dog to sounds like loud door knocks, doorbell rings, alarm clocks, car horns, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, and thunderstorms.


3.   Introduce Them to New Smells


Every place we go has various smells that are different from those in our typical living space. So introduce your dog to new places to expose them to different scents. Grocery stores, parks, shopping malls, the beach, pet stores, and pet grooming shops are other places you can bring your dog to enhance their socialization skills.


4.   Introduce Them to Other Pets

A very crucial step in socialization is exposing your dogs to other pets. Take your time with this and do it slowly and gently. You don’t want to introduce your dog in a way that traumatizes them. Start with pets of other family members or friends that you know are friendly and mild-mannered. Do your best to keep yourself calm because your dog will sense your emotions.


Dog socialization is a vital skill that all dogs need to learn. If you don’t have the time or resources to socialize your new dog, you can enroll them in classes or doggy daycare at a local boarding facility.


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