Dos and Don’ts of Car Maintenance

Owning a vehicle is an everyday convenience that most individuals take advantage of in today’s society. However, since it’s a significant investment, you need to make sure you take care of your car to get the best return on your investments. Modern cars are made with complex parts that wear out and can be hard and expensive to replace. That’s why routine maintenance is vital.


Following the vehicle maintenance recommendations will give you better vehicle performance and extend the life of your investment. As an owner, you want to maintain your car for as long as possible.


Let’s look at some dos and don’ts that you should follow for car maintenance.


Dos of Car Maintenance


These maintenance tips can help you keep your vehicle in top shape.


Do Check the Tire Pressure


Regularly check the tire pressure to avoid any mishaps on the road. Most gas stations have a gauge on their air pump that will help you check the tire pressure. Always measure the tire pressure in psi and fill it to the specified amount. Ensuring your tires have a sufficient amount of air but not overfilling them is an essential part of your vehicle maintenance. The standard psi level is around 30-35 PSI, but most manufacturer guides will give you exact specifications for your vehicle.


Do Check Car Brakes


Your car’s brakes are an essential component of your vehicle’s safety, as they control the vehicle’s speed and your ability to stop. Brakes are a crucial component of your car that keeps it running smoothly and safely. Regularly checking the brakes can ensure they work efficiently and help you avoid accidents and further vehicle damage.


Do Inspect the Dashboard Warning Lights


Dashboard warning lights are used in modern vehicles. They can tell you any serious problem that might be going on with your car. Essentially, they alert you that it’s time to have your vehicle checked or go in for a maintenance appointment. Dashboard warning lights can be an indication of a severe issue. That’s why you should act quickly when they come on. Contact a local auto repair shop to identify the cause of your warning lights and provide a fast and effective solution.


Don’ts of Car Maintenance


Don’t Overload Your Car


You do your best not to overload or overwork your vehicle. When people put extra strain on their car, it can negatively impact the performance of the car. Excess weight puts extra pressure on all components of your vehicle, increasing the wear and tear of your car and fuel consumption.


Don’t Use the Wrong Fuel


Most vehicles come with fuel suggestions. However, putting the wrong fuel in your car can cause severe internal damage. Therefore, if your vehicle requires premium fuel, you need to make sure that’s what you use. In addition, using the wrong fuel can damage the engine, which will cost you a lot of money for repairs.


Don’t Ignore Issues


Finally, do not ignore any issue you notice with your car, even it is minor. Most minor car problems are progressive and can lead to significant damage that requires costly repairs. Therefore, it is best to fix the issues in the initial stages.


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