Hydro-Jetting 101

Your sewer lines are used to eliminate waste from your property. As water flushes through your system, a properly working sewer system will have clean sewer and drainage lines that effectively move waste through your pipes and into the primary sewage system. Unfortunately, in some cases, your sewer lines will get backed up. This can become a significant problem for home and business owners. Since backed-up sewer lines can lead to costly damage and disruption of everyday life, no one wants to deal with this type of plumbing problem.


There are many reasons sewer lines can get backed up. Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes often require costly professional repair. However, if a blockage causes your sewer line issues, hydro-jetting is a convenient and effective way to get your plumbing system working effectively again. Let’s learn more about the topic.


What is Hydro-Jetting?


Hydro-jetting is a process that cleans out the interior of your pipes leading to your sewer system. Using high-pressure water flow, hydro-jetting can quickly clear out blockages, buildup, and grime. It’s an effective way to clean your pipes and prevent them from most significant plumbing issues. Hydro-jetting is used for both sewer and plumbing lines and can handle blockages that are mild to severe.


The Hydro-Jetting Process


When residential and commercial customers request hydro-jetting services, they often wonder what to expect. The process is typically straightforward. First, a plumbing professional will come to your property to identify the source of your clog. Then, they’ll insert a camera into your pipes to get a better look. They’ll also check for cracks, breaks, or other interferences that can worsen with jetting.


Once the plumber has determined that hydro-jetting is the right plan of action, they’ll insert a jetting hose into your plumbing or sewer lines, adjusting the water pressure to a level that allows them to clear your pipes. As the high-pressured water moves through your lines, built-up debris, dirt, grime, and blockages are washed from the inside of your pipes. Once the process is completed, your plumbing system should be functioning normally again.


Benefits of Hydro-Jetting


There are several benefits of hydro-jetting that make it an excellent option for customers. This includes:


  • A long-term solution for blocked plumbing pipes and sewer lines. Instead of a temporary fix, hydro-jetting completely clears your pipes, taking any buildup and debris with it. As a result, you won’t have to worry about problems in the immediate future.
  • Hydro-jetting is a quick and effective solution for any size clog or buildup.
  • Hydro-jetting is also strong enough to clear away the most stubborn clogs. It can clear any blockages without damage to your pipes and without the need to use harsh chemicals.
  • Hydro-jetting is an excellent solution for all types of clogs.


Hire a Reliable Plumber for Your Hydro-Jetting Services


While many people wonder if hydro-jetting can be done as a DIY project, you’ll need assistance from a professional to handle this type of job. Failing to hire a professional plumber can result in severe damage to your plumbing system and sewer lines. If you need hydro-jetting services, The Original Plumbing Company is here to help! Contact us today to discuss your options with an affordable Ontario plumber or Plumber in Norco.



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