Important Benefits Of Recycling Everyone Should Know

When recycling items and materials at home, there are numerous benefits brought forth. Whether it be for the environment, economy, or the future generations to come, there are tons of benefits. In this article, I will list the known and extremely useful benefits of recycling to help you, the reader, learn more about recycling and convince you to try and recycle more. I hope these benefits show the extreme importance in recycling and why it should be a part of your everyday life.



Environmental Benefits


When you start to recycle, it helps reuse resources that are limited as well as can heavily pollute our planet. The usage of non renewable resources has increased greatly in the past 75 years to a point where almost 94 percent of the resources we, the United States, use today are made of non renewable resources. One of these nonrenewable resources that is vital to us as well as our planet are trees. Trees make up a large part of our ecosystem and are also used for so many products in our society. Recycling paper and paper products allows for the world to use less trees and reuse these other paper products for future paper products. The usage of fewer trees leads to the environment benefiting from the increase of trees in the world. This is one of the few examples of how recycling creates major environmental benefits.



Economical Benefits


With our economy, one of the main interests is to create more jobs for the unemployed, and recycling can do just that. 10,000 tons of waste in an incinerator takes one person, one job. 10,000 tons in a landfill takes 6 people, 6 jobs. But recycling that 10,000 tons of waste takes 36 people, creating 36 jobs. The National Recycling Coalition has stated that 1.1 million jobs have been created because of recycling. Recycling also helped gross around $236 billion in annual sales and $37 billion in annual payroll, just proving that recycling is extremely beneficial for our economy.



Benefits for the Future Generations


One of the most important benefits of recycling is how it will benefit the generations to come. Due to manufacturing and the rate that items are created, sold, and thrown away, natural and nonrenewable resources are depleting and filling landfills and incinerators at an alarming and increasing rate. The constant usage of these natural, nonrenewable resources will lead to the possibility of these resources not existing in the future. And at the rate that our society is moving, the constant disposal of products and not recycling will eventually become extremely harmful and destroy our planet. Recycling benefits the world and helps decrease pollution and nonbiodegradable, recyclable materials in landfills, creating a less polluted and safer world for future generations to live in. Recycling protects our planet, conserves our natural resources, and helps sustain the planet for generations to come.




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