Top Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs

Your water heater is an important household device that adds to the quality and comfort of your life. Still, most people don’t stop to think about whether or not their water heater is working properly until there’s a major problem.


Ignoring water heater issues can create a significant and costly problem for your household. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on the common signs that there’s a problem with your water heater. Let’s explore.


Top Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs


Here are top signs that you need water heater repair:


1.   The Age of Your System


The age of your water heater has a lot to do with how well your system works. Most homeowners have their water heaters installed when their house is built. While it can last for decades, you’ll eventually notice some issues as it ages. As your water heater gets older, it might not work as effectively as it once did. Eventually, minor issues can create significant problems that require costly repairs or total system replacement.


Keep the age of your water heater in mind. Many people choose to replace their water heaters every 10-15 years as a proactive approach to problems. Contact your local plumber to discuss the age of your water heater. After ten years, you might want to invest in a routine maintenance program to avoid costly repairs. You might always want to be proactive in replacing your system to prevent significant water damage and damage to your plumbing system.


2.   Fluctuations in Water Temperature


Your water heater is supposed to deliver water to your shower, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures at a desirable temperature. If you call for hot water and your faucets continue to spew out cold water, there might be a problem with your water heater. In most cases, the heating elements are not working correctly, or the internal thermostat is damaged. If you notice serious fluctuations in the temperature of your water, you need to contact your local plumbing company immediately for repairs. While the issue might require minor repairs, ignoring the problem can lead to significant damage and total system replacement.


3.   Leaks


Water leaks are a common sign that your water heater needs repair. Water leakages can be seen on the sides, top, or bottom of your appliance. If the water leaks from the top then there is a possibility that your cold inlet or hot outlet pipes are loose or the T&P valve has failed. If you notice water leaking around the bottom of your tank, then there might be excess water pressure or other issues going on. Since ignoring water heater leaks can lead to progressive plumbing issues, you should contact your local plumber at the first sign of water in or around your tank.


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